Patient testimonials

Tamora helped me see for myself the beauty and light that I have to offer the world. I've learned there was never anything about me that needed "fixing", that I was always lovely and the only person who needed convincing of that was me. So in a sense you brought me home to who I am. As we removed the resistance I had been holding onto, more and more possibility opened up for me. One of the most beautiful things I remember about our time together is that you gave me permission to want ANYTHING out of life. To really get wild with my dreams and the courage that took was made possible by us continually looking at what wasn't working and finding ways to shift. I appreciate so much that you stayed with me when I took steps back, choosing negativity and fear. You challenged me and moved me back into a space of love, co-creating a beautiful life that fills those wild dreams. Thank you Tamora for helping me open to the me who was there waiting. ~Female, 36 years old


I had the privilege of working with Tamora for almost two years, and the experience was truly life changing. At a time in my life when Ifelt like I had nowhere else to turn, Tamora opened my eyes and mind to see myself as an individual who deserves happiness and love. Her non-judgmental and kind personality made me feel safe, comfortable, and willing to open up in ways that led to true growth and personal development. The tools Tamora provided me allowed me to discover a more positive outlook on life. I will be forever thankful for what Tomora has done for me, and I hope to stay in touch with her for years to come. ~Male 25 years old


I truly believe that we found Tamora to help us discover our full potential. As our first appointment approached, I thought to myself that we may not find the perfect fit right away as this is a very personal journey and both my husband and I needed to feel comfortable. We felt that with Tamora at the end of our first appointment. We knew it was the right place for us. She taught us how to communicate more effectively and how to show appreciation for each other. We grew as a couple and as individuals during this process over the last two years. Times were tough coming into her office and I had a hard time believing in the beginning that time would heal our wounds and show us new and wonderful things. She recommended books that would help as well as homework that my husband and I would complete and come back to discuss. Our lives are vastly improved and we owe a lot of that to Tamora. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve their outlook on life and are ready to work through the tough times that come their way. ~Female, 44 years old


I met with Tamora during a challenging time in my life- the midst of graduate school, my first relationship coming to an end, and a loss of self. Tamora would commonly tell me to "Feel the free and do it anyway". I was nervous about job options and to navigate through life as a young professional. I had found myself in an intimate yet unhealthy co-dependency with my best friend who had left to purse her own life dreams-- leaving me feeling left behind and uncertain of where to start. Tamora helped guide me to the realization of letting go of this perfect life I had dreamed up; she helped me see the challenges in life- the heartache, the joy, and the disappointments all combined as gifts. Her use of sand therapy and just genuine authenticity allowed me to move forward in my life, not without challenges, but with the courage to push through. I'm still finding my way through life---feeling the fear, and doing it anyway. ~ Female, 24 years old


I have suffered with social anxiety and depression for many years. And a couple months after seeing Tamora I had a huge loss in my life. That put a huge set back in the progress I had made. Tamora helped me grieve that loss, while also teaching me life lessons on how to overcome social anxiety, and dealing with depression. It's a work in progress, but I know with the guidance of Tamora one day I will be able to be truly myself. ~ Female, 20 years old